See, Swirl, Smell, Sip. Sbrocco!

Working with a pro like Leslie Hartley-Sbrocco, @thirstygirl, makes video fun to shoot. She arrived with scripts in hand, memorized, and ideas about the shoot. My job was to find the right locations in the beautiful home provided, direct the lighting for the shots, have my assistant manage the sound recorder and then direct the scenes and shoot. They don't call her one take Leslie for nothing, but of course we took a few extra takes just to be sure.

So check out the video and watch her in action. She makes wine tasting and wine education fun. And the tie-in to Cougar Town TBS was a hoot. It's a great show which just happens to have #wine in almost every scene. Of course all of this is brought to you by my fantastic client The Wine Sisterhood. The had the courage to hire me for video as I was just making the transition and 30 videos later, we are on to something.

Just for fun, here are the rules for wine pong. Of course you'll have to adapt from the beer pong rules. Thanks to MAV and Natalie for being our wine pong players.