Using light to transform

Every now and then I get a job in a warehouse or factory setting that looks pretty industrial and lacks charm, yet the clients would love to promote the business and hope that we will come up with some interesting images to help them. Take this wine storage facility. beforeIt's lit with flourescent lights and consists of narrow aisles with cages of wine closed off with padlocks. Not exactly the stuff of photographer's dreams. But I like a challenge and we figured we could make this place look a bit more interesting with numerous spot lights. It's always an additive process, starting with turning off all the lights, slowly adding spot lights and keeping going until the shot looks right.  Here are two solutions to the problem.


sidealley.lit By spotlighting some areas and taking others  dark we created a mood and took the stark warehouse look out of the building. Having the worker silhouetted added a bit of drama. Since this is a high end wine storage facility it needed to look a bit charming and not so industrial.

boxesOther ways to create appeal are to take details of areas and find objects of interest.  A row of wooden storage boxes lit from the open garage door suggested the quality of goods stored here and the bonus was finding a bottle of French Burgundy wine from 1865. That added class to the shoot.


 So by transforming the warehouse with spot lights and shadow areas, not worrying about showing everything and suggesting the business was more than just a storage facility, we produced some nice images and thrilled the client in the process. Not a bad day's work!

All Images Copyright: M. J. Wickham 2013.